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The Institute of Business Communication and Languages

Communication skills are critical for professional success. Yet neither schools nor colleges impart this critical skill. Consequently, even highly skilled and qualified candidates tend to be regarded as unemployable. And even when they do succeed in getting employment, they tend to be paid lower salaries and are routinely overlooked for promotions when compared to those with better communication skills.


A major reason for poor communication skills is poor language proficiency, particularly English language proficiency, which is becoming critical in the context of the globalization of business. English has become the language of business, but barely a fifth of the world’s population speaks the language, providing a distinct winning edge to those who are proficient in the language.


The Institute of Business Communication and Languages (IBCL) specializes in imparting language and communication skills. At present, we offer courses in Communicative English, Business English and Business Communication, and Effective Writing. The Communicative English and Business English and Business Communication courses are offered over Skype, which means that you can join these courses irrespective of where you live.


Our aim is to enable our students to use language effectively outside the classroom through extensive interaction in the language they seek to learn. Our courses focus on all four language skills - speaking, listening, writing and reading and comprehension. There is also emphasis on grammar, pronunciation and intonation.


The IBCL Advantage

·  Highly skilled, dedicated teachers

·  Small batch size to ensure all students get individual attention

·  Students are 18 years and older

·  Interactive teaching methods 

·  Emphasis on developing the ability to use language effectively to communicate

·  Students from different parts of the world, ensuring learning in a multi-cultural environment